Crypto Project

  • Project Price: $15,000
  • Timeframe: Up to 2 months
  • Technical Support: 6 months

  1. V2 Token Development:
    • Creation of a custom V2 token on a suitable blockchain platform (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain)
    • Configuring smart contract parameters and functions such as token name, symbol, decimals, initial supply, total supply, burn rate, buy and sell fees, ownership renouncement, and other functions.

  2. Smart Contract Development:
    • Development of smart contracts for various functionalities (e.g., token transfers, token locking, staking, burning)
    • Integration of necessary security measures to ensure contract robustness and protection against vulnerabilities (e.g., addressing common hacks like Re-entrancy and other vulnerabilities)

  3. Smart Contract Audit:
    • Deep audit and review of the developed smart contract
    • Identification and mitigation of potential vulnerabilities or security risks
    • Recommendation of improvements and best practices for enhanced contract security

  4. Website and Frontend Development:
    • Creation of a professional and user-friendly website for the crypto project
    • Designing and implementing frontend components, including interactive features and user interfaces
    • Integration of essential information such as project details, team information, tokenomics, and roadmap
    • Web3 integration and interaction with the smart contract (ABI)

  5. Whitepaper for Investors:
    • Compilation of a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the project’s concept, goals, technology, tokenomics, and roadmap
    • Inclusion of detailed information on project utility, market analysis, competitive analysis, and team background
    • Creation of visually appealing graphics and charts to enhance understanding and presentation

  6. Swap and Trading Functionality:
    • Implementation of a decentralized swap functionality allowing users to exchange the token for other cryptocurrencies
    • Integration with popular decentralized exchanges (DEXes) to facilitate token trading
    • Configuration of liquidity pools and trading pairs for smooth and secure trading experiences

  1. Pre-sale Implementation:
    • Setting up a pre-sale phase to allow early investors to purchase tokens before the official launch
    • Development of a secure and user-friendly platform for the pre-sale, including KYC/AML processes if necessary
    • Configuration of pre-sale parameters such as token allocation, price, minimum/maximum contribution limits, and vesting schedules
    • Integration of payment gateways or cryptocurrency wallets to facilitate the collection of funds during the pre-sale period

  2. Listing on DEXes:
    • Application and coordination for listing the token on various decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
    • Compliance with respective listing requirements and procedures
    • Ensuring proper liquidity and market access for token trading