The term "perinatal" means "around birth." The "perinatal" period begins with the decision to have a child or during its conception and extends until the child is one year old.

Madam, Sir,
MAM welcomes you and offers you a top quality professional team. Our perinatal center is pursuing a comprehensive care policy, with respect to each person, while maintaining a permanent ethical concern. The entire medical and administrative staff engages in a quality approach to provide you with optimal care.
Perinatal care is a constantly changing field of action that has specialized greatly. That's why we keep informed about news in this area and we tailor our services to better meet the needs of future parents. Whatever your questions, the staff is at your disposal to meet your needs and assist you in your decisions. We wish you the best.

Our values

Our values are based on the principles of:
Respect: of the choices, the culture, and the values of every woman and couple.
Secrecy: Abiding by confidentiality
Openness: Working with all other concerned health professionals
Clarity: Providing clear and understandable information


Pregnancy and the birth of a child require a significant adjustment process, be it a practical, socio-economic, emotional or relational one. Helping future parents find answers to their questions facilitates the elaboration of a new life project. At any time during pregnancy, women, men or couples can be received by the perinatal midwife consultant for a confidential and personalized interview (or service). Our perinatal center provides comprehensive support for women and couples during pregnancy, and then for the mother and child after birth. It also tracks women with disorders of the pelvic floor among many other services.